Program Details

How it Works

  • There is absolutely no cost to you; becoming an affiliate is completely risk free.
  • Through the LinkShare network, place one of our promotions on your site, and we’ll pay you for every enrollment that it generates.
  • With most courses priced around $99, you can expect an average commission of about $10 per enrollment.
  • We offer a long return — if a student enrolls within 60 days of visiting your site, you get paid.
  • Advertise the ed2go online courses from your site and print catalog to help people find a course they’re interested in.
  • ed2go builds you an online catalog for people to find the course they want to take. Click Here to see what the catalog looks like 
  • ed2go provides you with hundreds of promotional banner ads and text links for your sites and templates for print catalogs and brochures.
  • Each course selection includes the name of the nearby college/university where they will enroll (online) in the ed2go course.
  • After the ed2go enrollment has been processed by the college/university, you get paid a referral fee — and don’t need to do anything else!
  • You will need to build and host and page on your site and use LinkShare tagged banners & text links to track sales. You can find all this when you log onto LinkShare. Click here for some copy to use and design tips

Steps to Become a Learning Affiliate Network Partner

  1. Simply fill out the online registration form with LinkShare, and sign up to become a Linkshare publisher.
  2. Receive LinkShare publisher approval.
  3. Search for the key term "ed2go" in the LinkShare publishers dashboard-programs tab.
  4. Receive approval from ed2go—the process moves quickly.
  5. Find a large selection of ed2go banners and text links available to promote your program in your LinkShare dashboard.
  6. Add ed2go online learning promotions to your site and to start generating interest and enrollments.
  7. For your convenience, ed2go has provided LinkShare tagged html tracking templates for you to copy-and-paste into your own site. This will help you save time.
  8. Here is the tool you will need to build a LinkShare HTML template: HTML Template Assistant.
  9. Add ed2go tagged links to your email newsletter or PDF catalog.
  10. Add ed2go course information to your print catalog with our template ads Click here 

*Employees of Cengage Learning are not eligible to become affiliates.
** Certain ed2go products may not be eligible. Products, prices, commissions and conditions subject to change.


Don't Delay, Join Today

Simply fill out the online registration form with LinkShare, and you will be considered for immediate approval through the ed2go Affiliate Program. It's that easy.