HTML Template

For your convenience, ed2go has provided html templates for you to copy-and-paste into your own site. In order to track your enrollments, you will need to insert your LinkShare encrypted code into our template. The steps below will guide you through this process.

View the templates with or without the banner:
template with banner With Banner template with out banner With Out Banner


Steps to update LinkShare encrypted code in this template:

  1. Log into LinkShare Dashboard
  2. Links Tab
  3. Deep Linking
  4. Single Link
  5. Advertiser: Select ed2go
  6. URL:
  7. Output Format: URL
  8. Click Create Link
  9. Copy encrypted code after ID=XXXXXXXX&
    example in this screen shot is G6lTK5Ygsho
  10. Enter encrypted code into Step 10 box to the right
  11. Check the box if you would like to use the banner image and hit submit
  12. Copy text from textbox that will appear below
  13. Paste updated template into your web site and track enrollments!




Follow the directions below to build a HTML template for the ed2go Learning Affiliate Network!