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With constant changes in the workplace and an aging population, demand for adult education and training continues to outpace supply, in a market already significantly larger than for-credit higher education.

By partnering with ed2go as your complete turnkey solution for online courses and career training, you can join the network of more than 2,100 top colleges, universities, and other organizations that ed2go has helped tap into this new and fast-growing market.

With ed2go, you’ll completely bypass the development costs associated with creating and delivering new online courses and programs, and you can begin offering a full catalog of hundreds of online courses and career training programs to your community, every month of the year.

How It Works

  • We build, host, and maintain an eCommerce-enabled storefront with a catalog of more than 300 ed2go Online Courses.
  • You promote the ed2go Online Courses to your community, using your existing web site, catalog, and/or brochures.
  • Students enroll in ed2go Online Courses; it's as simple as that. Courses are staffed with warm and friendly instructors, many of whom are well-known authors with a body of work that will be very familiar to students. Upon successful course completion, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

That's it. No fine print. No risk. There is no costly hardware or software to buy and maintain. No unaffordable consulting services. No upfront charges whatsoever. We don't make you commit to any performance agreements, long-term leases, or other expensive legal entanglements. You're free to terminate the program at any time.

Did you know?

ed2go has helped over two million satisfied students, attesting to the fact that our time-tested courses and well-known instructors are quite simply the best!

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