Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES407
Hours: 240
Fees:  USD


This program is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers.  

It is recommended that students have access to Skype Technology in order to participate in supervision.  Skype is a free service that can be downloaded through the internet.  It requires students to have a computer with either built in or external microphone, speakers, and camera.   

Online Internship

Students should be prepared to spend an average of 2.5 hours per week over a 24-week period participating in internship activities. 

The following textbook(s) are provided with this program:

MwB Certified Mediator
Ries; Harter, In Justice, inAccord (PDF)

The textbooks from two of the following programs. These selections depend on the programs you choose:

Divorce and Parenting Time Mediation
Taylor, A. (2002). The Handbook of Family Dispute Resolution

Workplace Mediation & ADR
Doherty, N. & Guyler, M. (2008) The Essential Guide to Workplace mediation and Conflict Resolution

Eldercare/Probate  Mediation & ADR
Marcus, L (1999).  Renegotiating Health Care:  Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration

Construction Mediation
Carbonneau, T. (2007). Handbook on Construction Arbitration and ADR

Bennett, S, (2002)  Arbitration:  Essential Concepts
Goodman, A. (2004). Basic Skills for the New Arbitrator

Restorative Justice
Toews, B. & Zehr, H. (2004). Critical Issues in Restorative Justice
Zehr, H. (2002).  The Little Book of Restorative Justice, Goodbooks, Pennsylvania


There are no specific educational prerequisites for the ADR Program. However, you should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating the Internet and using e-mail.

This program is for you if you’re interested in developing the professional skills necessary to resolve conflicts at work, at home, or in your community.

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