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George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES203
Hours: 160
Fees: $2595.00 USD


  1. Global Management
    1. Management Challenge of International Trade
    2. Aspects of the Global Business Planning Process
    3. Factors Affecting Management of International Trade
    4. Information Sources for Global Business Planning
    5. Sources of Assistance for Global Business Planning
    6. Practical Tools for International Trade
    7. The Management Context of Global Business
  2. Global Marketing
    1. Evaluating the Internal and External Environment
    2. Developing and Implementing the Global Marketing Plan
    3. Coordinating the Marketing Mix
  3. Global Trade Finance
    1. Political Economic and Cultural Risks
    2. Foreign Exchange Risk and Mitigation
    3. Researching, Analyzing, and Mitigating Credit Risk
    4. Optimizing Methods of Payment and Documentation
    5. Payment Terms
    6. Developing the Short-, Medium-, and Long-term Financial Plan
  4. Global Supply-Chain Management
    1. Optimizing Supply-Chain Solutions
    2. Evaluating and Selecting Potential Intermediaries
    3. Completing Documents for International Movement of Products and Services
    4. Calculating Costs, Benefits, and Risks of International Transactions
    5. Facilitating Offshore Procurement Processes
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