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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES120
Hours: 62
Fees: $995.00 USD



Lesson 1

  • Introductions and Welcome                                                              
  • Physical Activity and Health                                                              
  • Physical Activity and Disease Prevention                                          
  • Pathophysiology of Arteriosclerosis                                                  
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Factors                                          
  • Low Back Problems                                                                            
  • Implications for Health Professionals                                                            
  • Introduction to Health Appraisals                                                      
  • Evaluating Health Status and Pre-participation Screening               
  • Fitness Testing                                                                                               
  • Making Fitness Program Decisions
  • Quiz                                                    

Lesson 2

  • Forms and Sources of Energy                                                            
  • Muscle Structure and Function                                                                      
  • Muscle Fibers                                                                                     
  • Metabolic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory Responses to Exercise
  • Training and Detraining on Physiological Response                         
  • Regulating Body Temperature                                                                      
  • Quiz                                                                                                    

Lesson 3

  • Skeletal Anatomy                                                                               
  • Structure and Function of Joints                                                        
  • Joint Direction and Range of Motion                                                
  • Voluntary (Skeletal) Muscle and Muscle Action                                           
  • Muscle Groups and Movement                                                                     
  • Mechanical Concepts of Movement                                                 
  • Common Errors in Locomotion                                                                     
  • Quiz                                                                                                    

Lesson 4

  • Measuring and Expressing Energy Expenditure                                            
  • Estimating Energy Costs                                                                    
  • Energy Costs of Different Activities                                                   
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Testing                                                                      
  • Body Composition and Fitness Testing                                                          
  • Nutrition                                                                                 
  • Quiz    

Lesson 5                                                                                 

  • Prescribing Exercise                                                                          
  • Guidelines for Activity and Exercise                                                  
  • Formulating Exercise Prescription                                                    
  • Determining Exercise Intensity                                                                     
  • Exercise and Environments                                                               
  • Exercise for Weight Management                                                      
  • Resistance Training                                                                           
  • Flexibility Training     
  • Quiz                                                                            


Evaluating Your Clients                                                                    

  • Medical Histories, Fitness Screenings, and Liability Issues
  • Interview Techniques and Goal Selection
  • Fitness Assessment Protocols

Fitness Testing, Flexibility                                                                

  • Review/Student Demonstration of Fitness Assessment Protocols
  • Flexibility Mechanics, Types, and Exercises

Muscle Groups and Resistance Training, Biomechanics of Exercise        

  • Cable/Cam/Plate-Loaded/Pin-Selected Equipment (varies with facilities)
  • Free Weights, Tubing, Bodyweight, Stability Ball Utilization
  • Biomechanics Terminology and Uses for Program Design

Resistance Training Program and Design                                       

  • Review/Student Demonstration of Resistance Training Modalities
  • Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
  • Proper Exercise Spotting Techniques

Program Design and Review                                                                       

  • Review of Student Case Scenario Exercise Program Design
  • Business Protocols and Handouts
  • Practical Exam Review
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