Certified Protection Officer

Career Training Program
Program Code: GES227
Hours: 50


As a Certified Protection Officer (CPO), you are always in demand. Prepare for this exciting career through the online certification program offered at Smart Horizons Career Online Education. You will learn about report writing, physical security, emergency procedures, workplace violence, traffic control, fire prevention, use of force, and operational risk management. The program is conducted entirely online and gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace as you complete the academic requirements for certification. Throughout, you will have the support of an experienced, enthusiastic teacher who is committed to your success.


Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Understand fundamental security guard tasks including patrol, fire prevention and suppression, providing first aid, writing reports, and conducting public relations
  • Know techniques and procedures for improving memory and observation skills, taking effective notes, and writing reports
  • Know techniques and procedures for controlling access to an area of interest
  • Understand how to gather, protect, and present evidence including witness testimony
  • Understand basic safety requirements including advanced first aid procedures
  • Understand threats posed by bombs and other explosives
  • Describe alarm system components and operation
  • Define common criminal offenses, legal jurisdictions, and the powers of a certified protection officer
  • Understand central alarm station dispatch operations, alarm system fundamentals, and detection technology
  • Know investigation techniques including foundations for surveillance and defensive tactics