Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments

Career Training Program
Program Code: GES712
Hours: 30


The Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments (PCBA) Online Training Program will give you a thorough understanding of the building assessment process. This intermediate program focuses on the skills you need to professionally conduct visual building inspections, perform diagnostic testing, determine residential building improvement opportunities, document a home's performance, prioritize improvements, and prepare a work scope that will guide the homeowner's decision-making process for making the improvements.


Upon successful completion of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Use your senses and technology to assess, gather, and organize data for building analysis
  • Employ a standardized approach to assessments and diagnostic evaluations of a building
  • Describe the operation and installation of a blower door and interpret the blower door test results
  • Demonstrate understanding of combustion testing, instruments used, and analysis made from the data
  • Determine duct system status using a duct blaster
  • Develop and present a work scope with prioritized recommendations for customers