Emergency Management Training for First Responders

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES416
Hours: 300
Fees:  USD


  1. Introduction to Emergency Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Stakeholders
    3. Structures
    4. Risk Perception and Communication
    5. Emergency Response
    6. Implementing Disaster Recovery
    7. The Somersfield Man-Made Disasters, an Animated Scenario
    8. Professional Accountability
  2. Emergency Planning
    1. The Formal Planning Process
    2. Essay Activity: Mudslides in California
    3. Mandates, Structures and Guidelines, an Information Scenario
    4. Patterned Human Behavior in Disasters, an Information Scenario
    5. Preparing for Hazard Adjustments, an Information Scenario
    6. Fostering Successful Emergency Planning
    7. Essay Activity: Risk Communication
    8. Hazard Awareness Programs, an Information Scenario
    9. Fostering Successful Emergency Planning
    10. Essay Activity: Sierra Vista, Arizona
  3. Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness
    1. Building a Culture of Preparedness
    2. Essay Activity: Community Sustainability
    3. Identifying Hazards, an Information Scenario
    4. The Chairperson, an Information Scenario
    5. Hazard Mitigation Planning
    6. Essay Activity: Seaside, Oregon
    7. The Hurricane, an Information Scenario
    8. Hazard Mitigation at the Local Level, an Information Scenario
    9. Local Land Use Powers, an Information Scenario
    10. Essay Activity: National Flood Insurance Program
  4. Technology in Emergency Management
    1. Using Technology, an Information Scenario
    2. Emergency Management and the Internet, an Information Scenario
    3. Networks in Emergency Management, an Information Scenario
    4. Global Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems
    5. LandView and Marplot
    6. Data Representation: Activity
    7. Geocoding
    8. Hazard Analysis and Modeling
    9. Hazard Modeling Systems: Activity
    10. Warning Systems, an Information Scenario
  5. Disaster Response and Recovery
    1. Approaching Response and Recovery Operations: Alternative Management Theory
    2. Overcoming Typical Challenges
    3. The Vista Marina Earthquake, an Animated Decision-Making Scenario
    4. Dealing With Future Disasters

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