Food and Customer Service Skills Training

Career Training Program
Program Code: GES234
Hours: 120


The online Food and Customer Service Skills Training Program prepares students for careers in food services, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. The program emphasizes customer service skills that can be applied in a wide variety of settings. This is an excellent option for those already working in a food services environment and wanting to apply for management positions, or for those interested in starting new careers.


Upon completion of this program, you will earn a Food Services Skills Career Certificate.

Career coursework includes the following topics:

  • NEHA professional food management criteria
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) principles
  • Providing an excellent customer experience
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Practicing food safety
  • Building communication skills
  • Working in teams
  • Managing yourself and others
  • How to be successful in the restaurant/hospitality world
  • Food services workplace challenges and opportunities