High School Diploma With Homeland Security Training

Shenandoah University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES226
Hours: 750
Fees: $1295.00 USD


18 High School Credits

Homeland Security 1: Semester 1
Understanding Self-Esteem
Setting Goals
Learning Styles
Professional Uses of Technology
Security in Technology
21st-Century Written Business Communication
Time Management
Stress Management
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Communication and Diversity
Communication in the Workplace
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Ethical Behavior
Homeland Security 1: Semester 1 End of Semester Exam

Homeland Security 1: Semester 2
Types of Security
Protection of People
Basic Professionalism and Ethics
Basic Public Relations
Labor Relations
Relations with Police
Memory and Observation Skills
Taking Notes
Techniques for Writing Reports
Understanding Techniques
Types of Patrol
Factors of Patrol
Protection Officers and Traffic Control
Protective Clothing
Methods of Controlling Traffic
Construction Traffic and Flagpersons
Crowd Control
Homeland Security 1: Semester 2 End of Semester Exam

Certified Protection Officer 2: Semester 1
Preserving Evidence
Providing Testimony
Perimeter, Area, and Point Protection Systems
Techniques for Controlling Access and Egress
Badges, Digital Controls, and Barriers
Security of Information
General Safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Fire Safety
Basic Fire Prevention, Detection, and Suppression
Fire Classes and Extinguishers
Officer Responsibilities in Case of Fire
Emergency Measures Plan
Advanced First Aid
Homeland Security 2: Semester 1 End of Semester Exam

Homeland Security 2: Semester 2
What is Stress?
Signs and Symptoms of Stress
Sources of Stress
Techniques for Managing Stress
Anxiety and Stress
Mindset and Stress
Stress and Values Clarification
Stress at Work
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Emotional Intelligence Skills
Understanding Anger
Anger Cycle
Anger Management
Conflict Basics
Conflict Resolution
Addressing Violent Situations
Homeland Security 2: Semester 2 End of Semester Exam

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