High School Diploma With Office Management Training

Shenandoah University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES418
Hours: 750
Fees: $1295.00 USD


I've been working in an accounting office for 15 years, but after careful consideration and realizing that with this diploma I have more options, I've decided to pursue a different career. I believe that helping others is one of the most important things in life. I also would like to volunteer and show young teen moms that they can still graduate from high school even while at home with their babies. I want them to know that teen pregnancy doesn't have to end their pursuit of an education and career and they can reach high and accomplish their dreams.
- C.C., UDC Community College

I liked knowing that when you're done you have the skills and knowledge to move on to higher education and a better job
- C.D., University of Texas at El Paso

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