Preston Bailey's Intermediate Floral Design

University of the District of Columbia Community College

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES240
Hours: 240
Fees: $1895.00 USD


Preston Bailey’s Intermediate Floral Design, Part 2 of the Floral Design series, builds upon a florist’s knowledge of manipulation of flowers to create the breathtaking and detailed designs that Preston Bailey is most famous for when using a Table Top approach in designing an event. This course breaks down the many layers of design including table size, shape, materials, and flowers incorporated into table top designs.

Students will learn the process for creating and building each design layer incorporated into a Preston Bailey Table and how each layer works together to create a cohesive design using a combination of color choices, flowers, materials, and table shapes. Students learn how to utilize a design formula to properly plan, design, price, and execute a floral design to make a profit. Students will ultimately learn the financial side of floral design to confirm their formulas and pricing structures for floral designs for the table.


You will learn about the following:

  • The basic types of tables used at events to create tablescape's
  • How the size and shape of a table impacts the design of the florals on the table
  • Various table sizes and shapes and the logistical accommodations and limitations
  • Materials used to create Preston Bailey signature floral boxes
  • Different types and styles of tall centerpiece options for events and celebrations
  • Different types and styles of accessory items placed on the table in addition to the centerpiece
  • Different types of statement pieces that can be placed on the table

You will become competent in the following:

  • Blending table sizes to achieve an overall extraordinary design within an event space
  • Determining what designs are appropriate for each table shape
  • Designing and constructing low centerpieces with layers of detail
  • Creating containers other than a vase or bowl to support a low centerpiece
  • Determining which centerpiece options are most appropriate and used as statement pieces
  • Incorporating the statement pieces into the design of the overall table design
  • Incorporating accessory items and statement pieces into the design of the overall table design

You will be able to use floral recipes to create the following, using a variety of materials:

  • Statement piece floral design items
  • Accessory floral design items
  • Low and tall centerpieces
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