Medical Billing and Coding

College of Staten Island - CUNY

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES111
Hours: 240
Fees: $1795.00 USD


This was a great experience! I love the convenience of the online course and I love the fact that the facilitator always got back to me promptly. That made the lack of face-to-face instructor time easier and I didn't feel like I was going through this alone without anyone to help me.
- O.S., East Central College

I liked the ease of finding information. Any time I had a question I was immediately helped.
- M.N., Erie Community College

I loved acquiring new knowledge regarding a subject that is so beneficial to me. I received a new promotion at my current employment. I was completely satisfied with everything!
- D.O., Clayton State University

I enjoyed the fact that this is the 3rd time that I have attempted to get a college education and I actually accomplished it! The 2 other schools I went to before this were not to my expectations, while this one fat exceeded!
- S.K., Central Michigan University

I thought this course was wonderful. My facilitator was great with giving feedback on my assignments and she was very prompt in grading my material. I would definitely recommend this course to other people. In fact, I have a friend today that I will be giving this information to so that she can look into taking the same course. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think anything could be improved.
- S.H., Edison State College Charlotte Campus

As a working adult, (60+ hours per week) I needed the freedom of completing the course at my own pace, and was able to change jobs and have a baby without worrying about missing class. I could also dedicate more time to a chapter or topic that was more challenging to me.
- J.P., Century College

Taking this course online gave me the quality time that I needed to work at my own pace – everything was self explanatory. The facilitator was prompt in returning my emails regarding the assignments that I had done. Along with the support team, I highly recommended this program to others! Thank you so much! This program has opened a bright and successful future for me.
- L.A., National University Division of Extended Learning

I felt that the course material was easy to understand, but not TOO easy. I feel like I learned A LOT, and not just by looking back to the book for the material.
- A.S., Bowling Green State University

I work at a hospital but I am not a coder. I found learning this information helped me understand more about my job and the jobs of those around me.
- J.O., California State University, Chico Research Foundation

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