Microsoft Access 2010 Certification Training

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES831
Hours: 120
Fees: $695.00 USD


The primary instruction in the Microsoft Access 2010 course is related to business applications of Access, as Microsoft Office is used in almost all workplaces. Nearly every business finds a use for Microsoft Office programs, including inner-office memos composed on Microsoft Word, sales presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint, and budget spreadsheets compiled in Microsoft Excel. Teachers frequently use Microsoft Office for both teaching preparation and record-keeping as well as in student assignments. Home users may find many uses for Microsoft Office, similar to those used in the workplace. Microsoft Office is a product with great possibilities, and this course aims to familiarize you to such possibilities.

Students for the Microsoft Access 2010 certification tests should have the equivalent of six months of hands-on computer experience before taking the exam. These exam candidates should be proficient at file management. In addition, students should be able to readily identify and use the commands for at least 80% of the exam objectives in preparation for taking the timed exam.

Upon registering, you're given six months to complete this program.

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