Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification Training

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES826
Hours: 45
Fees: $695.00 USD


  1. Introducing Microsoft Outlook
    1. Getting Started:  How to use the online course
    2. Hello, Outlook:  Formatting Messages
    3. Messages and Messangers:  Message Options
    4. From Me to You:  Graphics, SmartArt and Attachments
    5. Signed, Sealed and Delivered:  Organize the Inbox with Rules and Quicksteps
    6. You've Got Mail:  Manage Automatic Responses 
  2. Working with the Calendar
    1. Eight Days a Week:  Scheduling
    2. See You In September:  Meetings Requests and Tracking Responses
    3. This is My December:  Contacts, Categories, Journals and Calendar Management
  3. Sharing, Collaboration and Management
    1. Outlook On Screen and in Print:  Publish and Print Options
    2. Prepare to Share:  Proofinf Tools and Security
    3. Find, Forward and Follow Up:  Search, Analyze and Export
    4. The Administrator:  Email Accounts, Setup, and Backup


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