Microsoft Project 2007

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Program Code: GES819
Hours: 60
Fees: $795.00 USD


  1. Project Management Scheduling Concepts
    1. Terminology
    2. Effort based estimating techniques
    3. Performing forward and backward passes
    4. Schedule network analysis
    5. Calculating critical path, float, and early/late dates
    6. Creating a time-scaled network diagram
  2. Navigation
    1. Understanding Project’s menu system
    2. Project specific terminology
    3. Understanding the difference between views, tables, and forms
  3. Default Settings
    1. Knowing and locating the default settings
    2. Understanding how the defaults impact your project schedule
    3. Creating a company specific template with selected defaults
  4. Understanding Calendars
    1. Calendar templates included
    2. Creating the project calendar
    3. Understanding and establishing resource calendars
    4. Understanding and establishing task calendars
  5. Defining Tasks
    1. Understanding the different task types
    2. Modeling the different task types correctly
    3. Defining task dependencies
    4. Modifying task dependencies
    5. Working with constraints and deadlines
  6. Defining Resources
    1. Creating the resource pool
    2. Assigning resources to tasks correctly
    3. Verifying resource hours and budgets
  7. Performing a Sanity Check
    1. Verifying critical path
    2. Resolving resource over-allocations
    3. Confirming project end date and milestone dates
    4. Verifying dependencies and links
  8. Tracking Project Performance
    1. Setting defaults for statusing
    2. Establishing status dates
    3. Inputting actuals
  9. Advanced Tracking & Recovery
    1. Using Earned Value in Project
    2. Analyzing project performance using Project
    3. Projecting project completion and performing project audit
    4. Developing a recovery plan in Project
  10. Customizing Project
    1. Changing the views, bar styles, etc.
    2. Creating custom tables and views
    3. Creating macros
    4. Creating customized reports

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