Microsoft Windows Vista

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES814
Hours: 35
Fees:  USD


  1.  Getting Started
    A.  Introduction to Hardware and Devices
  2. Introduction to Properties:  The Mouse
    A.  Introduction to the Control Panel
    B.  Manage Devices and Drivers
  3. Video and Screen Options
    A.  Configue Control Panel Options for Display
    B.  Manage Display Settings
    C.  Configure Multiple Monitors
    D.  Customize and Modify the Start Menu
    E.  Customize the Taskbar
    F.  Personalize the Appearance and Sound of a Computer
    G.  Manage the Windows Sidebar
  4. Date Backup and System Restore
    A.  Manage Windows Explorer Settings
    B.  Manage and Secure Folders
    C.  Search for Files and Folders
    D.  Organize Files within Folders
  5. Hard Drive Upgrades and Maintenance
    A.  Manage Disks
    B.  Backup and Restore Files and Folders
  6. Local Area Network (LAN) Setup and Security
    A.  Connect to Another Computer
    B.  Manage Network Connections
  7. Internet Setup and Security
    A.  Lock a Computer
    B.  Manage Windows Internet Explorer Security
  8. Printers and Printer Administration
    A.  Install and Manage the Printer
    B.  Troubleshoot Printing Errors
  9. Time and Performance
    A.  Manage Software
    B.  Increase Processing Speed
  10. Sound, BIOS, and Voice Recognition
    A.  Manage Sound Devices and Software
  11. Power Management and Administrative Override
    A.  Manage the Computer Power State
  12. Documenting Errors and Troubleshooting
    A.  Locate Troubleshooting Information
    B.  Locate System Information
    C.  Repair a Network Connection
    D.  Recover from Software Errors
    E.  Recover the Operating System From a Problem
  13. Managing Users and Groups
    A.  Configure Local User Accounts
    B.  Manage Windows Firewall
    C.  Manage Malicious Software
    D.  Configure Windows Update Settings
  14. Scanners and Remote Control
    A.  Manage Remote Access to Your Computer
    B.  Request and Manage Remote Assistance
    C.  Access Files Stored in Shared Network Folders When Your Computer is Offline


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