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Program Code: GES314
Hours: 240
Fees: $1995.00 USD


1.0   Visual Studio 2010

1.1   Installing Visual Studio 2010

1.2   Installing MSDN

1.3   Navigating Visual Studio 2010

1.4   Using the Visual Student 2010 IDE

1.5   Customizing the Visual Studio 2010

1.6   Using the Visual Studio 2010 Debugging Tools


2.0   HTML

2.1  HTML syntax and document architecture

2.2  Utilizing common HTML elements and attributes

2.3  Working with images, hyperlinks, and anchor tags

2.4  Using HTML tables to display formatted data

2.5  XML syntax and document architecture

2.6  Incorporating XML into a HTML page

2.7  Using the Visual Studio IDE to create HTML and XML documents


3.0   CSS

3.1   Understanding CSS syntax

3.2   Using common CSS design standards

3.3   Working with CSS classes and IDs

3.4   Using inheritance in CSS

3.5   Formatting links and text

3.6   Working with colors and backgrounds

3.7   Using the CSS Box Model

3.8   Using Visual Studio 2010 to incorporate CSS


4.0   Programming Fundamentals

4.1   Using variables and .NET data types

4.2   Decision Structures

4.3   Understanding the various types of loops

4.4  Understanding Subs, Functions, and Methods in C#  

 4.5   Knowing when to use Arrays vs Collections

4.6   Utilizing Object Oriented Programming Concepts

4.7   Utilizing Methods, classes, and properties into Application Design

4.8  Working with pre and custom-built classes 


5.0   Introduction to ASP .NET

5.1   Understanding Application and Page Lifecycle Events

5.2   Design and Develop ASP .NET Controls

5.3   Utilize pre-built ASP .NET Controls

5.4   Implement Page validation using ASP .NET Validation controls

5.5   Create Custom Server Controls

5.6   Create User and Composite Controls

5.7   Utilize ADO .NET in an ASP .NET Web application

5.8   Use LINQ to return data


6.0   JQUERY

6.1   Install jQuery

6.2   Comprehend and implement selectors

6.3   Comprehend and implement filters

6.4   Use jQuery to manipulate content

6.5   Incorporate effects using jQuery

6.6   Understand jQuery extensions and UI

6.7  Understand how to make jQuery AJAX-capable


7.0   AJAX

7.1   Installing AJAX extensions and the AJAX control toolkit

7.2   Understand the Microsoft AJAX architecture

7.3   Implement the various Microsoft AJAX Controls

7.4   Enhance a web page with AJAX

7.5  Understanding client-side AJAX scripting


8.0   Structured Query Language and Report Building

8.1   Install SQL Server 2012 Express

8.2   Work with Databases and Database Objects

8.3   Design and Create Tables

8.4   Query a SQL Server Database


9.0   Developing ASP .NET non-MVC Web Applications

9.1   Understanding the Web Application state manafement model and caching

9.2   Enhancing web site appearance with master pages, themes, and web parts

9.3   Using LINQ, Dynamic Data, and ADO .NET

9.4   Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services

9.5   Deploying and Debugging Web Applications

9.6   Implementing Security using User Profiles, Authentication, and Authorization 


10.0  Developing ASP .NET MVC Applications

10.1 Using MVC to implement model/view/controller web sites

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