Microsoft Word 2010 Certification Training

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES823
Hours: 95
Fees: $695.00 USD


  1. Beginning Microsoft Word
    1. Getting Started: How to use the online course
    2. Go Blue: Formatting Text
    3. Horses and Zebras: Formatting Pictures
    4. Mice and Men: Mouse options and tools
    5. Fancy Colors: Picture Tools
    6. First Prize: Shapes and SmartArt
    7. First Impressions: Create Business Stationery
  2. Intermediate Microsoft Word
    1. Rain Washes Out Hamburg: Make a Newsletter
    2. Open for Business: Building blocks and templates
    3. The Guests Are Invited: Create a Mail Merge
    4. Add Me to the List: Advanced Mail Merge and troubleshooting
    5. Charlotte’s Web Site: Create a Web Page
    6. Online All the Time: Word and the Internet
  3. Advanced Microsoft Word
    1. Table for Two: Advanced Table Functions
    2. The Table is Set: Quick Tables and Quick Styles for Tables
    3. Doing It With Style: Create Styles
    4. Going in Style: Headers and Footers, and References
    5. Who Done It? Create an On-Line Form
    6. Prepare to Share: Proofing Tools and Tack Changes
    7. Working with Macros: Create and use Macros
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