Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2007 Master

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES818
Hours: 340
Fees: $1995.00 USD


  1. Administrative Professional
    1. The Dynamic Workplace
      1. The Workplace—Constantly Changing
      2. Workplace Team and Environment
      3. The Virtual Workplace
    2. Workforce Behaviors
      1. Your Professional Image
      2. Anger, Stress, and Time Management
      3. Ethical Theories and Behaviors
    3. Communication Essentials
      1. Written Communications
      2. Verbal Communication and Presentations
      3. Customer Service
    4. Technology Basics
      1. Technology Update
      2. Workplace Mail and Copying
      3. Telecommunications—Technology and Etiquette
    5. Records and Financial Management
      1. Managing Records
      2. Personal Finance
    6. Meetings and Travel
      1. Event Planning
      2. Travel Arrangements
    7. Career Advancement
      1. Job Search and Advancement
      2. Leadership
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 Master
    1. Getting Started: Beginning Word
    2. Mice and Men: Beginning Word
    3. Save It for a Rainy Day: Beginning Excel
    4. Be My Neighbor: Intermediate Word
    5. Charlotte’s Web site: Intermediate Word
    6. The Paperless Office: Outlook
    7. What Time Is It? Intermediate Excel
    8. Sound Advice: Intermediate Excel
    9. Get Smart: Advanced Word and Excel
    10. The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly: Advanced Word and Excel
    11. Reach for the Stars: Beginning PowerPoint
    12. Show Me: Advanced PowerPoint
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