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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES210
Hours: 150
Fees: $1495.00 USD


  1. Pay Per Click Marketing 101
    1. Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing
    2. Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation
    3. An Introduction to Google AdWords
    4. How to Set Up an AdWords Account
    5. An Introduction to Bing Ads (PPC for Bing and Yahoo!)
    6. The Yahoo! / Microsoft Search Alliance
    7. How to Set Up a Bing Ads Account
    8. Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns
    9. Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns
    10. Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns
    11. PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement
  2. Pay Per Click Marketing 201
    1. Overview of PPC Marketing
    2. Pay Per Click Search Engines
    3. Key Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign
    4. Regional and Niche Market Targeting
    5. Building Effective PPC Ads
    6. Successful PPC Bidding Strategies
    7. How to Create Killer Landing Pages
    8. Click Fraud & Anti-Competitive Practices
    9. Landing Page Testing
    10. Monitoring and Tweaking Your Campaigns
    11. Pay Per Click Tools and Software
  3. Elective Unit – Choice of:
    1. Search Engine Optimization 101
    2. Search Engine Optimization 201
    3. Web Site Copywriting 101
    4. Web Site Usability 101
    5. Article Marketing & Distribution 101
    6. Copywriting for Pay Per Click Advertising 101
    7. Link Building 101
    8. Keyword Research 101

For the outlines of the Elective Units, please contact Admissions at 877-221-5151.

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