Principles of Green Buildings

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About The Instructor

Roger DesRosiers has an extensive career in HVACR with 30 years as an apprentice instructor and seven years as a college professor. He's also spent many years as a Journeyman Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Steam fitter; an Estimator/Application Engineer; Supervisor of Air Conditioning; Refrigeration and Steam fitting; and Craft Head of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Steam fitting.  

Over the years, he has earned an Associate's and a Bachelor's degree in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and an Associate's in Electronics. Among his professional certificates are: Teaching Certificate in Vocational Education for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Certified Energy Manager from the Association of Energy Engineers, Certified Member of Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, and Certified Member of Plumbing Industry Progress in Education. He is 608 EPA Certified. Recently, Roger authored and edited a number of online courses and an article on Tech Tips. He also completed a course in online faculty training to bring our students the very best in both teaching and technical industry knowledge.   

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