Personal Training and Group Exercise Training for Older Adults

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES116
Hours: 200
Fees: $2695.00 USD


  1. Socio-Physiological Aspects of Aging
    1. Psychosocial Aspects of Aging
    2. Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Changes that Accompany Aging
    3. Nervous System, Cognitive, and Sensory Changes that Accompany Aging
    4. The Association Between Aging, Activity, and Disease
  2. Designing Older Adult Exercise Programs
    1. Exercise Recommendations and Guidelines for Apparently Healthy Older Adults and Those With Chronic Diseases and Conditions
    2. Principles of Cardiovascular and Resistance Exercise and Flexibility
    3. Principles of Functional Exercise, Balance, Mobility, and Water Training
    4. How to Design Exercise Programs for Apparently Healthy Older Adults
  3. Business Management and Administration for the Mature Market
    1. Business Opportunities in the Mature Market
    2. Marketing and Customer Service Principles
    3. Business Development Through Member Programs and Services
    4. How to Administer and Manage Age-Friendly Fitness Facilities or Wellness Centers
  4. Exercise and Aging for Special Populations
    1. Screening, Health Assessments, and Fitness Testing
    2. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Chronic Disease Considerations for Exercise Program Design
    3. Musculoskeletal and Neurological Chronic Disease Considerations for Exercise Program Design
    4. Common Medications for Chronic Disease Conditions
  5. Elective Program: Optional Field Internship in Senior Personal Training
    1. Intern for a total of six weeks/60 hours for a practical experience working with members at fitness facilities and health centers
    2. Network and interact with professionals in the health and fitness industry
    3. Develop a professional goal statement and review career opportunities
    4. Improve your ability to obtain employment or operate your own health and fitness facility
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