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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES423
Hours: 200
Fees: $1995.00 USD


Entrepreneurship, the process of starting and running a business, can result in ground-breaking success. This program is for students who want to start their own business or for students who may have a business that they want to make more successful. It will walk them through the process of starting and growing a business.

This program addresses concepts, such as establishing that business plans are feasible, developing specific objectives to bring plans into reality, and offering methods of operating a business to optimize its success.


The goal of this program is to take the student through the process of starting a business. At the end of the program, the student will have or will be close to beginning his or her business.

Specifically, the course will address how to do the following:

  • Determine if a business is right for you
  • Develop business ideas and concepts
  • Establish that the business is actually realistic and feasible
  • Understand legal issues and choose the best form of organization and planning the best exit for you and business
  • Create a realistic and implementable business plan that will help you raise money, make the best decisions, and operate your business successfully
  • Obtain the resources you need, such as money, partners, customers, and financing
  • Use social media and other web strategies to build success
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