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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES316
Hours: 360
Fees: $2395.00 USD


This program is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. (Special note for Mac users: While there is nothing taught in this course that cannot be done on a Mac, all the presentations are done using a PC. If you have questions as to how to do an exercise on your Mac, you will be able to ask your instructor.)

Full setup instructions and technical requirements are provided after accessing each module in the course. 

The following are the minimum system requirements necessary to access the modules included in the Web Applications Developer course. All of these items can be downloaded for free: 

A Web browser. You will need the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  1. Any text or HTML editor. Suggested editors for each platform are:
    1. Windows
      i. Crimson Editor (free)
      ii. Adobe Dreamweaver
      iii. Notepad (included in Windows) or Textpad
    2. Mac OS X
      i. Adobe Dreamweaver
      ii. TextMate, TextEdit (included in Mac OS X) or TextWrangler
  2. For the Ajax and PHP modules, you must install either MAMP or XAMPP, both of which are free.  Additionally, you will need one of the following databases:
    1. Microsoft Access
    2. Microsoft SQL Server Express
    3. MySQL
    4. Oracle

You will receive these print manuals:

  1. HTML 4 Training
  2. Introduction to CSS Training
  3. Advanced CSS Training
  4. Introduction to JavaScript Training
  5. Advanced JavaScript Training
  6. Ajax Training
  7. Introduction to PHP Training
  8. Introduction to SQL Training
  9. Introduction to XML Training
  10. HTML5 Training


There are no specific prerequisites for this program, but students should be fairly knowledgeable about computers and Internet usage and will need an Internet connection, a modern browser, and email capabilities.

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