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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES308
Hours: 150
Fees: $2095.00 USD


  1. Introduction to Web Pages
  2. The Basics of a Web Page
  3. Developing a Website
  4. Linking to Resources
  5. Basic CSS Designs
  6. Styling Text
  7. Styling other HTML Elements
  8. Using CSS for Page Layouts
  9. Exploring More CSS Elements
  10. Using CSS to Position Objects
  11. Adding Basic Tables
  12. Styling Tables
  13. Creating a Web Form
  14. Adding More Elements to the Web Form
  15. HTML5 Data Types
  16. Adding Audio to your Web Pages
  17. Adding Video to your Web Pages
  18. Incorporating Java
  19. Advanced CSS Ideas
  20. CSS Tricks and Tips
  21. Designing for the Mobile Web
  22. Working with XHTML
  23. Additional XHTML Topics
  24. Introduction to JavaScript
  25. More Advanced JavaScript
  26. Making Your Website More Accessible
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