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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES508
Hours: 360
Fees:  USD


The Web Design Online Certificate Program will teach you to develop the visual graphic and information design skills required to create compelling Web sites. You’ll learn professional applications for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver, and you'll learn the essentials of scripting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Program projects include HTML page markup, CSS-based layout and typography, home page and navigation design, visual design fundamentals, interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery, and more. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.


As a student, you will learn the following:

1. Digital Imaging
Your work will demonstrate entry-level professional Photoshop skills and effective decisions in selecting and editing images. You will be able to improve images for professional publication by retouching and correction, and create realistic or imaginative images by compositing or collage.

2. Color
You will develop distinctive color palettes based on the principles of color harmony. Your work will exhibit a sophisticated use of color and contrast, the ability to research colors and make choices that are appropriate for each client and project.

3. Web Scripting
You will be able to create standards-compliant Web page layouts by hand-coding using HTML and CSS and publish them to the Web. You can create fixed and fluid multi-column page layouts using basic HTML to organize information and CSS to control presentation.

4. Typography
You will be able to research and select appropriate typefaces and design typography to support the branding or communication goal of a particular client or project. You will demonstrate the ability to organize text into a clear, readable information hierarchy in page layouts while using display type for impact and expression.

5. Web Editor
You will be able to design professional-level, valid HTML Web sites using Dreamweaver and publish them to the Web. You can create consistent, visually appealing page designs using CSS to control presentation (typography, color, layout, and positioning).

6. Interactivity
You will be able to create basic interactive interfaces for the Web using JavaScript and jQuery. You can write and troubleshoot basic JavaScript and jQuery syntax in order to display Web page content, create visual effects, improve form usability, and facilitate site navigation.

7. Web Design
You will use a professional design process for Web design including competitive research, mood boards, site maps and wireframes, color design and imagery, development of CSS layouts, and basic usability testing. Your work shows the ability to design professional-level Web page layouts with attention to usability principles: consistent navigation, clear visual hierarchy, and intuitive interface design.

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