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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES508
Hours: 360
Fees:  USD


  1. Photoshop Basics
  2. Color Theory
  3. HTML and CSS Essentials
  4. Fundamentals of Typography
  5. Dreamweaver I
  6. JavaScript for Designers
  7. Web Design I

This program consists of seven required modules. Module descriptions are as follows:

Photoshop Basics
Get a thorough grounding in Adobe Photoshop, the premiere digital imaging program for graphic and digital designers. Hands-on projects show how to select, enhance, distort, color, scale, and manipulate images and artworks—or create them from scratch. Every designer must tame this creative powerhouse of a program.

Color Theory
Focus on developing appropriate color systems for graphic design projects. Projects explore the principles, terminology, and applications of color theory, with an emphasis on manipulating color. A working knowledge of the expression and perception of color, and color interaction, lends credibility and sophistication to a designer's work

HTML and CSS Essentials
Learn to create Web sites using HTML to mark up the structure of the document, and CSS to dictate how each page element should look.  Use HTML5 and CSS3 for cutting-edge enhancements. Course lessons are packed with hands-on examples that help you gain skills and confidence step-by-step. The course is designed to provide a foundation in Web standards, the set of "best practices" established by the World Wide Web Consortium, among other organizations that set the standards for Web development.

Fundamentals of Typography
Explore the critical role of typography in graphic design. Course projects build an understanding of the anatomy of the letterform, the distinguishing features of different typefaces, and creative applications of type. An assured grasp of typography is essential in any visual communication project.

Dreamweaver I
Develop practical skills for Dreamweaver, the HTML editor of choice for professional Web designers. Dreamweaver integrates a host of Web design tools in one easy-to-use application. Without any prior HTML knowledge, students learn to design sites, creating advanced layouts by using Cascading Style Sheets, typography, colors, data tables, and more.

JavaScript for Designers
Learn the basics of JavaScript programming with techniques aimed at visually oriented designers. The essentials of JavaScript are covered along with designer-friendly jQuery to make writing JavaScript easy and fun. Assignments include dynamic image galleries, rollover effects, usable Web forms, and enhanced navigation.

Web Design I
Learn a systematic professional approach to Web design. You’ll use site maps, wireframes, HTML/CSS layouts, comps, color palettes, usability tests, and other tools and concepts to make sure your designs hit the mark. Students entering this class are expected to have a basic competence in HTML/CSS design, Photoshop or Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. Building upon those skills, students will complete four portfolio projects that challenge their Web design skills and build an understanding of how to manage Web design projects in a professional context.

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