Preston Bailey's Signature Wedding & Event Design

George Mason University

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Career Training Program
Program Code: GES238
Hours: 240
Fees: $1895.00 USD


Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding & Event Design allows students to experience the step-by-step processes and techniques utilized by one of the globe's leading wedding and event experts, industry pioneer Preston Bailey. This course is a comprehensive "how-to” for the industry, providing real behind-the-scenes footage, photographs and documentation, including insights into what can make a wedding a one-of-a-kind, magical event for couples and their guests.

This course will give you an inside look at the business-side of event design. You will learn how to manage the costs of projects, budget, and price jobs using formulas that will help you become successful.

This course will give you an education on industry, history, and evolution of design, Preston Bailey’s story, the definition of event design, and the difference between a designer and a planner. You will also learn the fundamentals of design styles, which include traditional, modern, and eclectic. You will become competent working with clients and helping them accomplish their dream events by learning essential Preston Bailey’s philosophies and techniques.

You will gain knowledge on building client bonds and rapport, learn how to approach your clients with the appropriate questions, and confidently present design options, in addition to upselling and offering opportunities for enhancement. This course will also train you to work with a production team to communicate clients’ preferences for their dream events.

Become an expert at designing a stunning space by learning how to consider perimeters, ceilings, floors, tables, entrances, embellishments, indoor and outdoor lighting, in addition to renderings of vision and mood boards, textiles, colors, and more.


By completing Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding & Event Design course students will be able to do the following:

  • Effectively communicate with new clients to understand their design style
  • Present a visual event concept based on a client’s personal preferences
  • Understand the different types of design styles and how to incorporate them into an event
  • Understand how color plays an important role in the event design and experience
  • Understand contrasting of colors and how saturation of color can become an impactful design style
  • Create a floor plan using simple tools to sketch and design a concept
  • Utilize the event planning process and as it applies to design
  • Create their signature statement as an event designer
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