Accounting Fundamentals

Accounting Fundamentals
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Mar 18, Apr 15, May 13, Jun 17
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EMPOWERING is the word to describe this class. I am a small business owner who now understands accounting much better than I had in years. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to the next class to not only increase my knowledge, but enhance my business and myself. Thank you so much for offering this class as well as teaching it.

I loved this course and have already suggested it to others in may company. The instructor was wonderful. It felt as if she and I were just talking about accounting and I was learning from our conversation. I did not feel like I was in a class at all. I loved it from start to finish. Thanks to my instructor and for offering this course online.

I am so happy that I took this class, and Ms. Messier you are wonderful! My area of expertise is Accounts Payable and Payroll Processing, by taking this course I understand so much and have gained so much knowledge of accounting fundamentals...No more will I be puzzled when I review my company's annual report. This course was well structured and I was amazed how it was presented online. I am so in love with accounting! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the well-organized, self-paced learning environment. I've taken many online courses, including my education masters, and this is the best class and learning experience. I'm trying to decide between Accounting Fundamentals II or QuickBooks. I'm leaving education and did accounting 30 years ago and am looking for future employment. Thanks again, Charlene.

I really enjoyed this class as well. Thank you for your encouragement, instruction and advice throughout the six weeks. I will also be taking the Accounting Fundamentals II course in August. I completed the final exam and received 100%. :-) I am elated.

Thank you for a well-designed course. At times it was a challenge, but you set up an incredible learning experience. I loved the practice entries you had at the beginning of a number of the lessons. They added to the learning experience. This was a great course. Thank you very much!! And yes, final done and passed at 100%.

Although I have taken Accounting I and II in person, your presentation of the material made it much easier to understand. I am currently enrolled in your Accounting Fundamentals II course and look forward to it, as well. Thank you very much for a great learning experience.

Thank you very much! This was such a great class. I've taken this at a college before and did not walk away with nearly as much knowledge as what I have with this class. It all makes sense now, and it simply didn't before. So thank you again so very much!

Just this morning I took a test required by a local accounting recruiting agency, to determine competency for a future bookkeeping position. I scored 97% correct (no use of notes or materials allowed), and the recruiter noted that the national average is 83%. He was very impressed on all that was learned and had high, high praise for the instructor and the course - as do I!

I have been bookkeeping for the past 14 months, part-time for a small business. I was very frustrated because the accountant there stopped working and the training has been very minimal and not adequate. I felt like I was required to do the accounting and I was only hired as an entry level bookkeeper...The owner was asking for quarterly reports and I was in way over my head. It was so stressful! I had no double-entry accounting experience and was very confused about credits and debits and the types of accounts were a mystery to me. This course has my stress level way, way down. I feel so much better about my job and I am not stressed out to the max every day. I have some confidence now. I don't feel so helpless or dependent on the CPA who is mostly not available.