Introduction to Ajax Programming

Introduction to Ajax Programming

West Valley College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Sep 14
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Thank you! I found the course excellent and it gave me a good beginning towards mastering AJAX and JavaScript.

The instructor was very quick and helpful. The class was very well designed. The material was good and can be read and reread.

This is a great introduction to the possibilities of Ajax. The subject is so big, just knowing about the potential is great.

Thank you Mr.Richard! This class was very informative. I enjoyed trying out all the assignments and I learned new programming techniques using XMLHttpRequest object. The course content was very easy to understand with good practicle examples and quizzes. Thanks again for guiding us with all our questions and doubts.

I really enjoyed the games we developed in this course. Also, the enhancements that were suggested in the assignments will be very useful in developing real-world apps.

Overall, this is an excellent course! I have been an IT professional for more than 30 years and have written many programming languages during that time, including HTML and CSS. This is one of the better courses I have taken. It challenged me and I did learn a great deal from it.

This was a fun course to take. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully an intermidate version will be available soon.

This was a good introductory class for someone like me with a programming background but no AJAX experience...I think I've learned enough that I can now do that on my own.

The class was really enjoyable. I learned a lot of new things in an interesting way.This is my third class with the professor and I have always come out of his classes knowing more and feeling more confident about the subject. Thank you so much for being such an inspiring and engaging teacher.

Excellent instructor and writing style. I liked how the games and assignments build on each other to help reinforce the material.