Introduction to Algebra

Introduction to Algebra
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: May 13, Jun 17, Jul 15, Aug 12
8,073 Students
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I really enjoyed this course and I am satisfied with the material covered. Everything was straightforward with good examples. I will recommend this course to friends.

This course really helped me to rethink and improve on skills that I have not used in over 20 years. I took this course a refresher so I can re-test for my math placement. I'm hoping that this course will do that. This course was also very affordable and interesting. At the very least it has taught me some very good core algebra functions and applied them to my life.

This course was informative and very useful to me in my future educational endeavors. I loved the instructor's sense of humor and teaching style, she made algebra practical and understandable and took the "fear" out of it.

Sharon is an amazing teacher. I now know more than I did before starting this class. Thanks so much, Sharon! I believe I'm off to a good start preparing for the GRE.

Great Course, Great Teacher.

Thank you for this course. It really was what I was looking for; the format, the time flexibility, and the easy accessibility made all the positive difference for me. Thank you very much!

The class is an algebraic workout doing various problems and review of previous algebra class work. I recommend this course to those who are weak in Algebra.

This was a great course, taught by a knowledgeable instructor. I liked how the subject was put into a context that related to everyday life and was mixed with other subjects to make it more interesting. Thank you for making Algebra as painless as possible!

I usually never bother with these types of things (leaving comments), unless there are issues, but there are rare moments when things impress me so much, that I have to say something - and this is one of those times. I have actually taken algebra SEVERAL times - around 6, I believe - all around the world. Due to our family having to move around all the time, the school that I was transferring to always found the prior school's standards of Algebra to be inadequate and make me take it over. I used to love all types of math. The first two times I took algebra, I got "A"s and then from there the teachers I had were so horrid that they seemed to actually confuse me to the point where I would've thought I had a lobotomy! I had ADD, which I have tried valiantly to keep under wraps my entire life, which made learning difficult. No matter how intelligent I would appear to be, it seemed the more I tried - the harder things were for me. Who would've know that, decades later (and a few degrees later), while taking a refresher class (to keep my brain from eroding any further), I have finally found an instructor that "lifted the fog" and helped me to appreciate and understand Algebra again. This is a priceless gift. I accidentally happened upon Quantum Physics, in which Algebra seems to play a significant role - so now I feel that like it's Christmas morning and I have the BIGGEST present!! I hope the instructor gets this too, she really needs to know how wonderful she is and how much she has helped this struggling student. Thanks for everything. I appreciate it so much. Please teach other classes, I'll be sure to take anything she teaches.

Thank you for such an interesting course! When I was in high school, I could not grasp word problems and have struggled all my adult life to learn but never quite "got it." Through this course, I feel I have more confidence in setting up and working word problems using algebra than I had previous to taking the course. I especially liked the "fun facts" that you incorporated into each lesson that enabled me to be able to recognize and apply the problems to everyday situations. My favorite lesson was 11, using all of my favorite subjects in the problems! Math has always been my passion, now I can enjoy it even more!