Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant

Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Feb 10, Mar 16, Apr 13, May 18
6,960 Students
have taken this course.


I was especially impressed with Dr. Bev's concise yet conversational style of writing. This course has fueled my excitement about a new path in my professional life. There was a nice balance of encouragement and caution. Well done and THANK YOU!!!!

The course provided a wealth of knowledge that applies to not just consulting but business practices in general. Excellent resource information for continued study.

Kudos for landing a national expert for the instructor--what she provides her students is very valuable, and I enjoyed having her as my instructor.

I enjoyed the course, and was amazed at the depth and quality of information Dr. Bev had assembled for us. I'll be back for more of her courses!

Becoming a grant writer class was the best class I have ever taken. I have taken more classes then I care to remember but this class is the best money I ever spent! Please keep up the good work!

Dr. Bev is great! She did the most important things she could have done for a course on starting a business; namely, making me aware of my own skills and abilities to create confidence, and pointing out a multitude of areas to explore for job leads, developing services, getting experience and developing skills. Thanks!

I am extremely pleased with this course format. I have shared the knowledge about this class with several friends. Thank You, I am so inspired. I plan to take more courses.

This is the best course I have ever taken. It gives you everything you need to succeed. I think it is wonderful for the instructor to give not only her knowledge but her secrets as well. It seems she is pulling everyone to succeed. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting any kind of business not just granting writing.

I have enjoyed this class tremendously. I did not expect to get the wealth of information received. I've attended several grant writing workshops, and it seemed, only received some ingredients for the pie....but in this class, you give us the whole pie! Awesome! You have given us the foundation from which we can build to be successful grant writers and consultants. This class has well exceeded my expectations. I feel confident starting my own business in grant writing. I thank you for being so forth coming with the information shared in class. It has been helpful and impactful. I have learned a lot!

I loved this class. I had a pretty good start as a grant consultant, but the course helped build my confidence and tap into some excellent resources. I appreciated that you vetted the websites and other materials so that I didn't have to plow through many to find the best ones. I appreciate you sharing your wealth of experience and common-sense approach. I look forward to "seeing" you in the advanced proposal writing class!