The Classroom Computer

The Classroom Computer

Massachusetts Bay Community College

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Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Aug 20
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About This Course

If you're a teacher, this course will show you how to create an exciting and enriching experience for your students. You'll learn a wide variety of simple, field-tested, and easy to apply techniques that will make the most of the computer in your classroom.

In this course, your instructor will work with you to assess your knowledge of computer use and to help you set goals for yourself so that you achieve the highest level of personal benefit from this course.

Simple classroom management ideas will help you maximize your classroom time for learning. You'll also discover powerful ideas and interesting web sites that you can immediately use to enhance your language arts, math, science, and social studies curriculum. You will discover pointers on using email and the Internet effectively to increase your students' understanding and learning in all content areas.

About The Instructor

Stacy Colwell

Stacy Colwell has excelled as an elementary classroom teacher and school administrator. With a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, she has mentored and instructed teachers in classroom management, literacy and computer integration. Working as a public school elementary principal, she led her school through the technology adoption process and assisted teachers in integrating computers into their daily life.


I have never taken an online course before and had no idea what to expect. This course was excellent. The format, contents and expectations were perfect for people who also hold full time jobs. Each and every lesson provided a wealth of information which was easy to digest. The websites that accompanied each lesson were fantastic and extremely useful. My experience was most definitely a positive one! I highly recommend this class to potential students.

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