CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep

CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep

Butler Community College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Jun 15, Jul 13, Aug 17, Sep 14
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Excellent teacher and I highly recommend to anyone.

Excellent instructor and author. I have read his books! Love to see more classes from this instructor.

I just took the CompTIA Security + Examination [after taking this course] and passed it first time out of the bag! Instructor does good work!

This course was great. It really broke down some of the aspects of security and made me want to read more about the different concepts such as hashing and VPNs. Looking forward to passing the Security+ Exam the first time. Thanks!

This is the best on-line class I've taken. Great format. I took the Security+ exam yesterday and passed.

This was definitely an excellent class. With the lessons in this class, I easily passed the Security+ exam. Look forward to more classes by you. Thank You!

Just wanted to drop in and give positive feedback on the assignments given. I love how you turn something that could be boring (online classes) and incorporate some type of fun (crosswords). I enjoy the type of learning you are incorporating. Looking forward to the rest of the class.

The course was very informative and the assignments helped to reinforce the class information.

Great course! Instructor' s style is impeccable. I would take more classes from him.

I greatly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others.