Creating Classroom Centers

Creating Classroom Centers

Butler Community College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Sep 14, Oct 12, Nov 09, Dec 14
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I enjoyed this course IMMENSELY! I found the instructor's writing style extremely easy to follow and full of ideas to use in my classroom! I would definitely recommend this course to my fellow teachers! GREAT Course!!!!

Great class jammed with useful ideas that I could implement in my classroom, almost immediately!!! Loved it.

I really enjoyed this class! It gave me tons of ideas for centers to implement in the classroom. I loved all the tips and hints on how to plan centers, set them up, introduce them to the class, etc. I would definitely recommend this class to others!

The instructor provided a wealth of information and resources. Thank you!

This was a great class!!!! I learned so much. I can't wait to implement the ideas I have learned from this class. I would recommend this to teachers especially first year teachers. Thank you for offering this great class.

I am very glad that I took this course. I believe the things that I learned will be especially helpful to me this school year because I have a large class with wide differences in abilities. This is a great course and I would recommend it to others who are interested in using centers and differentiation in instruction. The instructor was wonderful... very knowledgeable in her subject area and she uses humor very effectively!