Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

Butler Community College

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Start Dates: Sep 14, Oct 12, Nov 09, Dec 14
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This was an excellent course. Although I have no co-teacher or aide, I will be able to adapt the ideas given. As compared to the other classes I've taken, I would rate this as the one that I could benefit from the most.

Great stuff! Today I did a student self-assessment of modality strengths and the kids loved finding out about themselves as far as how they learn best. I like the idea of calling it "smarts" because my seventh graders were a little confused by the more elaborate terms.

Great course! The knowledge that I gained will be of tremendous value during the school year.

I always had inclusion students, now I have a toolbox to open and use with them! Thank you! I appreciate all of the knowledge you have shared with me in the last few months. This is my third class with you and I am reccomending you strongly to other teachers who are struggling with these same issues.

Thank you for a wonderful course! I wish I had taken this course before I started teaching. I feel this course has help me have a better understanding of how to meet each and every students' need in the classroom. I will definitely make more of an effort to be sensitive to ones smarts and how it can effect their learning.

I enjoyed the course and all it had to offer! I feel confident knowing that I have been successfully implementing some the strategies taught to support my special needs students and I look forward to using other strategies as well. I really like the strength based interview, and will be more aware of the MI I use to deliver my lessons/activities.

You have given so many good tips, tools, and processes that I will use when I get back into a classroom. I like the strength based interview idea a lot (had never seen that before) and I love all the different types of assessments that you gave examples of (and the templates for!) in this lesson...I have learned a lot of different ideas from this course and will be more than willing to establish these in the classroom for success.

I have learned so much from all the lessons. I am excited to use them in my classroom. I have done some of it, but not to the depth I plan too. Thanks for all the time spent putting all the material together and allowing us to copy them.

Thanks for the delightful journey! I really enjoyed this class and could relate from many viewpoints; having been a parent, classroom teacher, SPED teacher, and currently a school counselor. This information, the creative ideas, and additional resources have been very helpful...I also appreciate you including and reminding us about the importance of self-reflection as well...Thanks again, you did a great job presenting this information in an inspiring way, I will definitely use it!

This course opened my mind to the fact that every student learns in a different way, and I should consistently modify my approach to teaching the material to meet the learning needs of all students.