Creating Web Pages

Creating Web Pages
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 21, Feb 18
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This was very helpful to me as I had absolutely no knowledge of creating web pages before this class. It makes you want to learn more!

I LOVE this course!! You worded everything and showed examples so great that it was very easy to follow you. For some reason web design never made sense to me, my older kids would try showing me some steps and code and I could not grasp it, but you made sense of it all! I think you've done an excellent job!! :)

I, too, would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into this course! I don't consider myself to be too knowledgeable technologically, but I didn't have any trouble with this course and I learned a lot! The lessons were worded in a way that made them very easy to follow. I also appreciated the discussion section, and learning from the questions that were presented. Thanks very much!

I am so happy that I decided to take this class! I can't believe how easy it has been so far to create a web page. I am excited that at the end of this I will actually be able to create my own webpage. This opens up so many doors for the future and who knew that this would be such a monumental class.

So far I am in love with this course. I was really nervous and a little intimidated signing up for this course. I thought it would be difficult to follow and keep up. But in actuality, its really simple and I look forward to the upcoming lessons. So far I have learned so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I want to thank you for this course. I started out with dangerously little amount of knowledge concerning computers and the web. I am excited about being able to build my own site with the knowledge I have gained. You have presented the information in a way that is easy to follow and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have never thought it would be so easy to create a web page. This wonderful class really helped me.

Hi, I want to "Thank" the person responsible for putting this lesson together. FINALLY, step-by-step instructions that actually makes sense. Usually instructions are explained in terminology that assumes you understand. Thanks again.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Your writing/teaching style is very effective and conducive to learning, especially with online students. I have learned far more than I expected and my appetite to learn more about web design/development has been whetted.

I loved the way you explained all the material in this course, it was very clear and I understood everything you explained. I appreciate your effort - great job!