Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

West Valley College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Oct 12, Nov 09, Dec 14, Jan 18
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About This Course

Have you always been interested in drawing, but never really knew how to get started? If so, then this is definitely the course for you! Gain a solid foundation and understanding of the basics to drawing and become the artist you've always dreamed you could be!

You'll gain a solid understanding of the many tools of the trade. You'll become intimately familiar with paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principal of perspective, layout, design, lighting, volume, and space. You'll even discover how best to get in touch with your right brain.

If you have an interest in learning what it's like to draw or would love to increase your current knowledge in the field of art and illustrating, then this course aims to fulfill all of your needs.

Course Revised September 2014

About The Instructor

Chad Walker

Chad Walker has been actively involved as a computer game artist, comic book illustrator, and instructor, teaching both traditional art courses and courses in 3D modeling for computer games. Chad attended the exclusive Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts Inc. in New Jersey. He is the conceptual designer and artist of several award-winning games, including Age Of Empires/Age Of Kings and Age of Conquerors. Chad also laid the groundwork for Microsoft's Age of Mythology, created the artwork for three strategy guides, and works with Rob Liefeld, a legendary comic artist and writer. Chad joined forces with his twin brother Eric to write the popular gaming book Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques. Chad and Eric are the co-founders of Walker Boys Studio, which produced the highly acclaimed game Civil War: War Between the States.


Hi Chad, I am enjoying your instruction so much! I have been in and out of the world of drawing all my life and it's so good to be doing it again and it's like you have unlocked the secret box.

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