Creating jQuery Mobile Websites With Dreamweaver

Creating jQuery Mobile Websites With Dreamweaver

Massachusetts Bay Community College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Dec 10, Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18
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Great instructor! He really makes an effort to connect with the students and mentor them through the course. This is my fourth ed2go course and so far they are all winners! Hope to take more soon.

Thank you for the great class and excellent support in learning how to use Dreamweaver to create jQuery Mobile web pages! I've learned so much and the process was fun and rewarding. I hope to use my new found knowledge to broaden my horizons as a web designer, and I hope to find my niche... Thank you for a truly enjoyable learning experience and for all the wonderful resources and supplemental materials.

For me, this is exactly what I wanted to learn. I manage two websites and my own site. I've wanted to create a mobile version of the sites so that they are easier to view when using smart phones.

I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. I wanted to learn how to create a mobile version of websites for some time. This course helped me reach that goal. I've already applied what I've learned to a website I maintain and will apply it to another website.

JQuery Mobile is 'awesome,' as they say about everything that is also 'cool.' Having worked in recent months to expand my grasp of css3 and move into JavaScript, beyond simple copy and tweak, the idea of having working mobile components waiting for me to access (for free, even) is beyond awesome/cool. It is just very, very timely. So if adoption is slow, that will likely change. I recall a long time ago explaining to co-workers the value of .pdf files. Before that, I worked with people who balked at the idea of using e-mail (including technical employees of NASA). So, some things take while. ... Thanks for guiding us to the leading edge.

I enjoyed the course, David Karlins lessons were clear and helpful. The steps and directions were straight forward, which made it easy when I had my computer crash. As I did not have a computer with Dreamweaver, I had to use an alternate computer and do the assignments in notepad, thanks to the information on how to use each code for every lesson I was able to complete the work.

I've applied what I learned from the class to the website I manage and everyone in my group is very pleased with the mobile version of our website. I enjoyed the class and it was very helpful.

The course is timely, extremely valuable, and well-organized and presented by Mr. Karlins.

This class served two purposes - get familiar with the new version of Dreamweaver and learn how to create mobile websites with Dreamweaver. Both of these purposes were met and my expectations were exceeded. Job well done by the instructor!

Excellent course, very current and up-to-date, and relevant to current technologies and trends. This was easy to follow, yet challenging and helpful. The instructor was top-notch, extremely knowledgeable, and always helpful.