Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

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Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Sep 14
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About This Course

Make the leap from home video enthusiast to professional video editor using Apple's revolutionary Final Cut Pro X editing software! Whether you're an absolute beginner, an iMovie user, or an editor needing to upgrade from a previous version of Final Cut Pro, this course will prepare you to work on any type of editing project quickly and intuitively.

We'll cover the FCPX interface and its basic editing toolset including its advanced handling of metadata, the Magnetic Timeline, the Ripple and Insert edit tools, filters, titles, transitions, and audio tools. We'll also explore many of its advanced features such as Auditions, Compound clips, color correction, masks, and Roles.

You'll discover every feature of the FCPX software via hands-on tutorials in which you'll edit footage to produce finished works that you can show to potential employers, family, and friends. Each lesson focuses on general editing techniques and strategies for many different kinds of projects involving dialogue, music video, documentary interviews, action sequences, and promotional video. Along the way, you'll develop essential skills that will make editing your videos fast, expert, and fun.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to edit professional video presentations for use on the Web, in education, for business, or for a career in the motion picture industry!

Course Revised March 2014

About The Instructor

Lewis Weinberg

Lewis Weinberg is an independent filmmaker and professional videographer. His movies have been showcased at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and screened at the Ann Arbor, Athens, Chicago Underground, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis International Film Festivals. While working as the Media Technology Specialist for Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota, Lewis gave regular training and workshops on Final Cut Pro. Before that, he spent 15 years in the Motion Picture Industry in Los Angeles, working for companies such as Disney, Warners, Polygram, and Samuel Goldwyn.


A terrific course! Working and making time for kids, makes it tough to keep up with the material. (It's a steady ride!) However, the way in which the instructor has the instructions laid out, with such detail, makes it easier to catch up. I've learned so much, and now know that I'm ready to go out there and shoot and edit, with confidence. Thanks, professor!

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