Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Massachusetts Bay Community College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: May 18, Jun 15, Jul 13, Aug 17
11,145 Students
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There's something about a technical writer teaching an online course that is just so perfect! Janet presents the information in a logical, clear and concise manner. The lessons are the perfect length, and Janet's writing style is very engaging. I really enjoyed this course and learned even more than expected. Thank you!

Great course! I learned so much. I wasn't sure whether to pursue technical writing, but now I'm equipped with the knowledge to make an educated opinion. I have already recommended this course to several people. I was very impressed with the instructor's technique and information.

I really enjoyed this class and hope to be able to apply the skills I learned in class to a new career. The design of the course made the lessons very convenient for me, and I connected with the instructor's writing style on the first day. This was a good investment for me, and I highly recommend this to other aspiring technical writers.

What a valuable course! Janet boiled down the professional basics of technical writing so clearly. I have enough refreshed and new skills (including confidence) to do my own professional grade tech writing practice project, and then look for a technical writing job or contract. The course's supplementary information is great too, and will keep me busy. Thanks so much, Janet.

This was an excellent course from beginning to end. Every point covered is important, with no wasted chapters. The discussion forum was a good way to publish completed assignments, and the instructor answered all posts promptly and thoughtfully. If it continues, I may even take it again in a year or so as a refresher. Thanks!

This course provides a great introduction to the subject (Technical Writing). With years of experience in writing technical documents, but never considering myself a technical writer, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I used or was familiar with many of the concepts and tools presented; and there were at least as many concepts that I learned from the course. This course was exactly what I was looking for; I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in technical writing for any reason.

This course has helped tremendously in my personal development. All lessons (12) were well constructed, chapters clearly written, instructions were easy to follow, and had all the necessary tools for my learning, advancing in tech writing and graduating at the end of this course. The instructor of this course, Janet Underwood, was responsive, helpful and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this course.

I've really enjoyed this course. The structure is perfect, and Janet is a beautiful writer. She is a real role model for what a technical writer and course developer should be and the results they should deliver. I have a long way to go, and I'm looking forward to taking more courses in this series - hopefully with Janet as instructor.

I loved taking this class. The information provided was up-to-date, useful, and easy to understand. The instructor was always available and I knew if I had any questions or concerns she would be there to answer them. I will highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in pursuing technical writing.

Ms. Underwood is a gifted instructor as well as consummate professional. The instruction was better than any graduate course in my area. Not only were the assignments relevant, they were challenging enough that I couldn't wait to read her comments and other students. She personalized her comments in a very helpful way, sometimes giving very protracted answers!