Project Management @ e-Speed

Project Management @ e-Speed
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Mar 18, Apr 15, May 13, Jun 17
3,646 Students
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Throughout the course I was able to apply practices to current project work and share with co-workers. It was an excellent course and I would highly recommend it to colleagues and friends. A huge "thank you" to the instructor, you have made my day-to-day work more streamlined and efficient. I'm looking forward to continuing my PM studies.

This is an excellent course. I have taken several courses in Project Management but this is the first that addresses risk assessment. I have learned a lot while taking this course and have already implemented some of the techniques I have learned in my current project. My team has commented that they like these new changes.

This course is excellent! So good in fact, that it actually should be a requirement for completion of any project management certification program. A simple straightforward way to create and maintain a good rhythm for any project, applying accepted tools and processes. Kudos to the instructor, Tom Meyers, for designing such a worthwhile class. Seasoned project managers could benefit from his tips and strategies.

This course was extremely relevant to the nature of running projects today. Everything has to be done yesterday! It's difficult to put the planning component in place when management just wants it done and sees the time it takes to "plan" as a waste of time. I found the supplementary materials very useful and have downloaded all the templates - they will definitely be used in my next project management assignment! This course was very relevant to today's business.

As an acting project manager, I found the course very informative and relevant to my continuing education. The content was well-written, concise, and to the point. I learned more from this 8-week course than I did from several university-level PM courses.

This is the first time I took an Instructor-Facilitated Online Learning, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I had originally thought that 12 lessons in 6 weeks would be too long considering that we are busy at work and in our personal life... but the 6 weeks went by fast. The lessons and quizzes were very interesting and well-structured, and Tom provided timely feedback to the students in the Discussion section. I will surely make use of what I learnt in this course. Great job, Tom!

I took this course to fulfill the requirements necessary to keep my PMP Certification up-to-date. I found it to be excellent. Not only was I able to refresh my skills, I learned some valuable tricks that will make me a more efficient project manager. I have a Master’s Degree in Project Management and have learned so many techniques and tools that it is a bit overwhelming. This course helped me focus on the necessary ones to get the job done as quickly and as painlessly as possible. I will use this course as a reference for future projects.

This was a very informative and insightful course. The material was up-to-date and was relevant to all aspects of my job. The dialogue that occurred between the professor and the students within the discussion section was great. Especially, to read about the different perspectives and tools used by other project managers.

This is a great course for required CEU's and I will definitely recommend it to colleagues.

The study materials were straight-forward, condensed, and quite appropriate at providing students with the "necessary" information needed to develop a sound foundation in the understanding of program management. Other institutions of learning should acquire the same format. Tom Myers was great at providing quick comments and I am pleased to have been a part of his instructions-thanks!