Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow

Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow

Los Angeles Valley College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16
4,698 Students
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I absolutely loved this course, I really needed this and would recommend it to everyone I know. It was very self enriching,and I feel I could never find another class such as this that will affect my life for years to come in such a positive way. The instructor most definitely gives you the impression that she truly lives by her words. I loved it.

I have really learned a lot and I have been been able to do some beneficial self reflecting. Your course is informative, thought provoking and inspirational! I am seeing a very positive change in how I think about things because of the seeds you have planted. Thank you so much for developing and offering the course. I particularly appreciate that you left all the discussion areas open so we could move through the course at our own pace and still have the opportunity to post our thoughts/results and get your feedback.

I hold a Master’s Degree, but I must honestly say that this course has been of greater value to me than all the courses I took in both my undergraduate and graduate programs! This course deals with life and how to live it to the fullest. We only go around once. Let's make the experience as satisfying as possible!

Thank you for this informative and motivating course. Shortly after I began to take the course I decided that I would need to get off many of the prescription drugs I had been put on. Since some could be difficult to go off I researched for support in doing so and found a wonderful program run by awesome people who are fulfilling their life's purpose. I am learning to practice extreme self-care and I am more aware of my desire to be supportive of others in their life's journey. If I get nothing more from the course than this it will be worth so much more than what I paid for it. I feel this decision may have saved my life. Before I started the class and this program I felt it I wouldn't live much past 70 and that the quality of life would be poor. Now I feel much more alive and full of hope for a longer life and better health too.

I think this is some of the best money I've ever spent...I feel so much more in charge of my life. I feel that I know the things I want for myself and I know what I need to do to accomplish those things...I am so glad that your class emphasized taking care of ourselves. I think that's something a lot of people need to hear. It's something I thought I was doing, but wasn't. Thank you for this class and all your comments.

I think that this is the most decisive material I have ever come across for anyone wanting to really get to know and understand who they are. I've read many, many self-help books and none of them have been this in-depth in really helping me to create a happier and more successful life for myself. Cynthia was not only at the end of the tunnel with the 'light', but walked me through from the beginning of the tunnel to the end of the tunnel. I am excited about my new life!

This course has brought light back into my life! My life over the last year has taken a toll on my emotionally and financially. I felt that I was a the lowest point I could be and was praying for someone to make it all change. I knew I was the person that needed to change but I lost the will to do it. This class has put the spring back in my life. I feel more confident and in control...My heart knows what it needs and I am happiest when I listen to it. My relationship with my husband has improved. Work is getting better and I have actually got a raise since starting this course. I am happier and I laugh more.

It was obvious to me the instructor was actually 'listening' to what was being stated in the assignments. I could tell from the feedback there was a real understanding that could only be had by someone who was taking a genuine interest in helping those of us with the course.

If you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life, this is the class to take. The instructor responds to every student's comment with patience. I am now clear about who I am and what I need to be happy. I feel empowered to design a life where I can reach my full potential. You will not regret making this investment to yourself.

This class was a life-changer for me! I got to know myself better and was given tools to make the changes I sorely needed. The instructor was compassionate and encouraging, but still asked questions that made me think! I would recommend this class to anyone!