Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010

Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010

Kent State University Ashtabula

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: May 18, Jun 15, Jul 13, Aug 17
7,966 Students
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I truly appreciated this course and feel it has helped me to understand the concepts of setting up a database and making it available to others to use in a friendly way. It has shown me the many ways in which a simple database can be used and how to create the unique reports that a person needs rather than rely on a canned report response. Many thanks to Ms. Fuller as I truly respect her knowledge and appreciate her sharing it with all of us.

Laurie was extremely dependable for prompt responses to my problems with query and report results. Because of my satisfaction with Laurie's course, I am now taking Access Intermediate. Thank you for a great-looking, professional Record of Completion.

I really liked the way in which the lessons were written. I felt like the instructor was actually talking to me. I also really appreciate the encouragement along the way and the extra notes that often anticipated questions or issues that I had with the lesson. I would definitely recommend this class and highly recommend Laurie to others.

I have really enjoyed your course, I found it clear, easy to understand, and it moved at a nice pace.What other courses do you teach? I would be interested to find out. Thanks for the time and I really have a better respect for how much Access can do.

I really enjoyed the class! What I learned will be really helpful to me in creating an inventory at work. Laurie was great - very helpful, and answered questions right away! I would definitely sign up for another class with her. Thank you!

Thank you so much for teaching this class!! I truly enjoyed it and have used it at work and can't wait to try building new tables, forms, macros, etc...It was easy to follow and whenever I had a question, it seemed to be answered in the discussion section or in the FAQs. I liked that we were able to do it at our own pace, which helps a great deal.

This was a great class, Laurie...I learned so much and the lessons are more "true to life." I've already started a training database here at work and am about 75% complete. Thanks again.. I'm hoping to take the immediate class next.

I really enjoyed this course. It was informative, useful, and easy to go through. The assignments and quizzes were not too long and I also like the fact that we were able to print the modules for future use. I would definitely recommend taking this course. Great instructor and an overall wonderful experience. Thank you!

This course was very informative and simple to follow. I could really see how I could use Access in my professional life. Also, I enjoyed the instructor's conversational writing style.

The jargon wasn't overly technical which in my case made for greater understanding. The analogies were humorously lite which again added to the understanding of the material. Any questions I had were quickly answered which enabled me to complete my assignments. Well done by all involved.