Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010

Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010

Los Angeles Valley College

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16
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This is my third online course and it's by far the best. I can't think of any way for you to improve this courseā€¦The turn-around time for instructor response exceeded all expectations. This course gets a hands-down, 10 across the board rating! I plan on signing up for more advanced courses in the future.

This was the most organized and helpful computer class I have ever taken. I appreciate your patience, humor and clear directions, Laurie. I am sure it will help me with an Access-based work database that I have to tend and feed when school starts again. I also will be recommending this to others at work.

This has been a great class, and Laurie you are what we in academia call a "teacher's teacher". Your responses are wonderful and really show a great deal of knowledge on the subject. You take the time to answer each question, and you never make any of us feel stupid. This has been a really great learning opportunity, and despite some frustrating moments, mostly my own rushing and carelessness, I feel I grasped a good deal of information, and now feel comfortable with at least basic information in this program. Thank you for taking so much time to make sure we understood each concept. It's great having a teacher who likes to teach. Thank you for so much that you do to help students.

Thank You very much for a very well put together introductory class. What I liked best is that you always included tips on how to take things one step further, or how to change items to match other requirements. I learned not only how to use a function, but how to apply it in different environments. I will now be able to confidently use Access for many applications. Being able to do these lessons on my own schedule was a tremendous plus! Keep up the great work!

The use of the videos is extremely helpful when we get into more technical areas. I have been self-taught in Access and know only the information I need to - to get the job done. However, I learned a great deal and look forward to the intermediate course available. Thank you. This is the first experience our company has had in online training (6 of us are in training right now) and it is very convenient, affordable and well worth the time. You seemed to be very experienced and also do a very good job explaining the topic in your videos.

Thank you so much for leading this course! I never would have imagined an online course could be so much fun and educational! Thanks to your course I am able to interact intelligently and collaboratively with co-workers on Access projects now. I am looking forward to taking the intermediate class sometime in the near future.

I truly appreciated this course and feel it has helped me to understand the concepts of setting up a database and making it available to others to use in a friendly way. It has shown me the many ways in which a simple database can be used and how to create the unique reports that a person needs rather than rely on a canned report response. Many thanks to Ms. Fuller as I truly respect her knowledge and appreciate her sharing it with all of us.

This course was very helpful and useful to me. The instructions were clear and concise. I appreciated the humor/voice inserted throughout. The time it took me to complete the lessons, assignments, and quizzes was perfect for my busy schedule. I only wrote in the discussion area once, and received a prompt response from the instructor. I would like to take a more advanced course to learn more about all the other functions of MS Access. Thank you so much!

All the students owe you a special "Thank you." The class was very interactive and the discussion area really helped in solving the minor problems encountered. Thanks to everyone for their help and participation in the discussion areas. I have enjoyed this class.

Thank you, Laurie. I found the course to be exactly what I wanted. It was easy to follow and to learn the material. It was fantastic to always have you there, ready to answer a question.