What's New in Microsoft Office 2010

What's New in Microsoft Office 2010

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Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Dec 09, Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 16
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I enjoyed learning the four applications in Microsoft 2010. What you covered in each application was very useful and easy to understand. Thank you for all of the useful information you offered for each application.

I found the course and the instructor to be very helpful. Having to make a career change and needing to learn about Microsoft office, this class has been an enormous help in getting me over the fears of the unknown, and teaching me that it's not as scary as I thought. The instructor was very helpful and went out of her way to guide me through the parts that were not as easy for me. Thanks.

It is a great course to take to get up to speed on the new features of Office 2010.

This course was exactly what I had been looking for - an overview of the different office programs available in the new Microsoft Office 2010.

Thank you for a wonderful course! I use MS Office 2010 everyday at work, but just felt like I was making it way too hard to get anything done. This course has shown me so many short cuts and ways to make my job much easier. I didn't know that an online course could be so enjoyable, you even made me laugh from time to time.

I loved this course! It was perfect in length. The lessons were well written with plenty of screen shots to help. I feel more confident teaching MS Office this year to my students.

This online course was a great course to take...I am now confident not only in my Microsoft applications, but also for online classes. The instructor was very helpful, always providing alternatives to issues arising.

Great course and instructor! I liked the detailed, step-by-step answer keys to lesson assignments.

This class is very beneficial for someone that is looking to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest Microsoft tools.

I really enjoyed the class. I liked the way Barbara presented the material to learn. It was organized, clear, and easy to follow...Overall, it was a great experience!