Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16
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This class was very informative and will be very beneficial for creating interesting presentations. The possibilities are endless. Kathy Van Pelt was an excellent instructor. I particularly found the video which explained how to modify animation in lesson 11 and the additional training session "Get Visual with SmartArt graphics" at the Microsoft training website (in lesson 6) very helpful. Kathy taught this class step-by-step which was easy to follow and understand. She also answered questions in a timely manner. The supplementary material was also useful for expanding the lessons that Kathy taught. This was the first on-line class that I have taken and I shall take others to learn new skills.

I started into this course with only the barest knowledge of PowerPoint and only slightly more with Excel, so it was a real stretch to try to master all the various levels of what PowerPoint offers. But Kathy Van Pelt explained things so well that it wasn't necessary to write a number of questions to her. If a person just read carefully and found the icons, tabs, etc., on the screen as she explained things, it made sense. Thank you, Kathy. I appreciate your effort and the vast insight you used to make each lesson informational without being overwhelming. I enjoyed the class a great deal -- amazing since computer stuff is not a natural skill for me.

The instructor’s instructions were very clear and I was able to follow along without any problems. I liked the videos as well. The class was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I really liked it. Thanks, Kathy!

A great enrichment course for students and professionals, who want to build on their business software skills to enhance their professional development. The instructor for this course is very knowledgeable of PowerPoint. She provided much enthusiasm for PowerPoint and made the lessons fun. Also, her feedback on the difficult subject areas was always presented in a timely manner and the lesson plans were well written and thorough. A great course!