Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16
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I've always known that having a positive attitude goes along way but I didn't know that it could help your body heal. I learned that being healthy means wholeness, which is a balance and harmony of the body, mind and soul. Your body has the ability to heal itself and that everyone has to work at staying balanced. I learned how important clean water, air and food are and that sleep is nature's number one healer. All these things seem so simple, but most people have forgotten about them.

This class has been great for my personal learning and enrichment. There are a lot of areas I did not know or didn't know as much about. There are numerous things I will take from this with me in life, especially the section on mosquitoes! This is one of those classes where you question why this information isn't more common place or a requirement in school or even integrated somewhat. The ideas, theories and methods are ones that can help anyone and seem so common sense even though they really are not and there is so much garbage you would need to sift through if researching everything that is presented here on the internet. Definitely one of my favorite classes to date! Thank you!

I believe herbal therapy and aromatherapy go hand in hand in relation to self-healing in every aspect of life. I’ve loved learning more about these subjects and being able to directly apply them to my every day life. I have been infatuated with learning more and more about these subjects in particular.

I have learned such a vast amount of information during the past six weeks and enjoyed each lesson. I learned that health is wholeness of mind, body and spirit working in harmony. Also, quality sleep is vital for good health. I will always carry this knowledge with me and use it in making future decisions to my daily routine.

My eyes were open to new ways to help others as Naturopathic Medicine is becoming a more widely used and accepted practice. I also learned that Naturopaths do not treat diseases and that they only try to prevent them. It is exciting to see practitioners incorporating all types (i.e., naturopathic, physical, environmental, oriental, botanical, and anthroposophical) into their practices, as well as providing enzyme therapy, living food therapy, and clinical nutrition to their clients.

I have enjoyed this class! I've learned many things in regards to how to better take care of myself and my family. I'm looking for natural ways in healing.

We started off by discussing how having good health means that our whole self, which includes, body, soul and spirit have to be working properly in order for us to have the wholeness that we want to attain.

I learned that illness has mental and physical aspects. Also, I learned that signs appear before sickness or disease occurs. This one spoke to me, because I have a tendency to continue to go on hoping that the symptoms will go away instead of taking the time to find out what the symptoms are telling me.

I decided to take to this course with hopes of learning more about taking better care of myself and I'm very glad that I did. As I am getting older, I do realize that there are basic things in life that we all take for granted, that can make us feel better. We just have to be reminded sometimes and follow the basic guidelines for better living.

Looking back into my personal health journal, I have noticed a change in my body and mind. I noticed how much better I feel physically when I’m putting the right foods into my body. I also have made more of a point to have some “me time” to relax and calm my mind. I have been making more time to attend yoga and relax my body and mind. Every lesson I have done reminds me in some way to always think positively. As I now know, this can make or break me on certain days. Allowing myself to be calm has been so beneficial. I will continue to refer back to my lessons and discussions in this course to live more healthy, mind, body and spirit. This class has been truly a blessing. Thank you, Mrs. Snyder!